VisionBird Technologies provides application development and integration, accompanied with software maintenance and support. We can make both GUI-based and web applications using a range of technologies, platforms and database servers. However, our favorite technology is Microsoft.NET and favorite DBMS is Microsoft SQL Server. Usually after we make a delivery of a product to a customer we continue our cooperation: we provide support and development of future product releases.

Our Programming Services Include:

  • Development of information systems
  • Database design
  • Web development
  • Development of Windows applications
  • Software reengineering
  • Graphics Design

Our Software Maintenance Services Include:

  • Real-time product support. We are always ready to help the customer by answering his questions via phone, instant messenger and e-mail. If necessary, we can provide the business trip of our specialist to the customer site.
  • Database maintenance. We can help the customer to maintain their databases and keep their server(s) in a high performance state.