Searching for a Job?

We highly estimate people with constructive and inventive approach to their job.

Internees Required:

If you just finished your education in Communication Designs, Product Design, Web or Graphic Design and now looking for a short Experience in your field to get a Permanent Job, you are most welcome to apply for Internship (3 months atleast). If you inspire us we may think about Converting your Internship to a Permanent Job.

Right now we are looking for Internees in the following fields:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • WordPress
  • SEO

Requirements to Software Developers:

No more Web or Software Developers need at the moment. All vacancies have been filled.

Requirements to Web-Designers:

  • Finished works (web-sites)
  • Ability to work on Cross Browsers Compatibility.
  • Ability to perform a nice graphic design to make Mockups.
  • Knowledge of web technologies.
  • Fluent in English.

Preference is given to the candidates who can present their works (web-sites, illustrations, etc.)

Requirements to Project Managers:

No more Project Managers need at the moment. All vacancies have been filled.

In order to apply for a position in our company send your resume to


You can use our Online Form to submit your CV to us, please visit our Apply for Job page to upload your CV.